Monday, February 23, 2015

Birthday Lunch at The Hillview

Continuing the Birthday celebrations we were joined by several friends for a Sunday lunch at The Hillview restaurant. Just to add, the birthday candles were NOT put their correct order.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Snow in Pissouri and a birthday treat

We woke up today  to "blizzard" conditions in Pissouri as a very rare snow storm hit the village. 

After 30 minutes it had all cleared away and Mandy told Rob that she had booked him a birthday treat, a couple of days in a hotel in Limassol to celebrate the old fella's birthday.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pissouri Slimmers and Storms

The Pissouri slimmers held their weekly meeting and this week the members were asked to make a low calorie soup and bring it with them so the other members could get a taste. A variety of soups were on offer and the members left the meeting with some terrific ideas.
As a postscript, Mandy won slimmer of the week with a loss of six and a half pounds.

Since we returned from holiday the weather in and around Pissouri has been nothing but high winds , rain and thunderstorms. The heavy rain has caused some rockfalls around the village and today one particular rockfall blocked a local road.

The Troodos Mountains looked a picture from our window.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Return of Simmo and Maggie

Two of our friends that used to live in Pissouri made a welcome return this week, Simmo and Maggie flew in from Scotland for some much needed warmer weather.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Badmington duo and home to Cyprus

We spent the day in Crawley doing a bit of last minute shopping and around 3.00pm it started to snow so we popped into a local pub  to warm up and have a glass of wine. 

We were sitting quietly next to a couple when the gentlemen asked us if we knew where a local store was, we told him that we were not from the area so we could not help them. We got chatting and they turned out to  be a very interesting couple, Elliot was from the North East of England and Ava was from Sweden and in their younger days they were both badminton champions.

  Mandy and Ava were soon chatting away in Swedish and they told us that they had now retired and lived on the Algarve in Portugal. Eva's career can be found at  Eva Twedberg. ........and then after 18 days on the road we flew home to Cyprus

Day 17 - Returning to London

Our Thomson flight from Montego bay to London was delayed some two hours but with a tailwind of over 100 mph we soon made up the time and the flight lasted just over 7 hours and we got back to London Gatwick around 7.00am local time. 

The first thing  we noticed was how cold it was,  hovering around 8 degrees , a huge 20 degree difference from Jamacia. We then took the short taxi ride to our hotel where we crashed out both dog tired. In the evening we popped over to the local pub, The  Gatwick Manor for a drink and a bite to eat.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Day 16- The long trip home

We left Negril and drove along the coast to Montego Bay airport, we checked in our luggage and treated ourselves to the comforts of the executive lounge before the 10 hour flight to London. 

We are looking at the departures board and noting that the flights to New York are all cancelled due to the snowstorm. We know that feeling from last years vacation.

Day 15 -Negril - A fond farewell

Our final day in Negril began will a trip out to sea on a Hobycat, Kevon, our guide took  just the two of for a trip to the local reef and Booby Cay Island.

 We managed to see one last wonderful sunset from the beach.  In the evening we went for our final meal at "The Feathers restaurant" and we both agreed it was  exceptional and as a bonus they made a mean Irish coffee. ....We have had a wonderful time at Couples swept away and the staff have been outstanding.